First date...thoughts?

Long story short, I had a first date yesterday with a guy I met at the bar a week previously. He picked me up, we went to dinner, and then decided to get coffee afterward, so we sat and chatted for a couple of hours at the cafe as well. He took me home, and needless to say, we made out. I was expecting a quick kiss, but he initiated tongue fairly quickly, and it turned into a make-out session in his car with some light petting, as they say.

Now my questions:

One, do you think he was testing me? I normally wouldn't go to tongue immediately (or the intense touching), especially on a first date, but it was nice, and I went with it. Does this send the message that I'm easy? He's quite a bit older than I am, and I'm relatively inexperienced in the dating world.

Two, although he texted me afterward telling me he had a great time, nothing has been said or mentioned about a second date. Is this a bad sign? I feel like this is a bad sign.

Thoughts? Help a girl out!


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  • Making out and sex are worlds apart on the dating continuum. You just be sure to tell him to slow down if he tries to make a move before you are ready. So far it doesn't look like he completely overstepped his bounds; you were enjoying it.

  • i bet he probably think he'll get p**** on the second date lol


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