How do you recover from a bad date?

so, there was this guy from class that I really like and he really likes me too. we began flirting a lot and he asked me out.

we went out for dinner and conversation went dead a couple of times but it was decent, but I was SO nervous! and kind of over-thinking a lot and shy. but it was still a lot of fun and he was engaging and trying to make conversation and stuff. I guess I came off as closed off and at the end of it he gave me a light hug and said he'd see me in class on Tuesday and that was it.

i just feel like I gave him the wrong impression and I still do really like him and want to see him again, but I think he thinks I don't like him now.

he messaged me on skype and asked if we could chill and I was thinking "okay, equal opportunity to ask him out" and I asked him well if you can go out again, we should go for ice cream (: and he said, well you know chilli's was kind of filling and I just said yeah, same here.. and he was saying he wanted to like watch TV and stuff and I'm not really into letting a guy come over at night to "watch TV" so I suggested we go to Starbucks and he just said he wasn't really wanting to drink coffee that late so I just said we could just sit and chill and then he said he'd be back in 15-30 min (WTF) and "we can see what's going on"

what the ****? so now that he thinks I don't like him, he's gonna try a booty call, what the ****? PLEASE HELP!


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  • Well, if he wants to cuddle up with you on the couch, the date couldn't have been that bad. The fact that you want to take things more slowly might give him mixed messages but that's up to you to communicate what you want. "Watch tv" doesn't have to mean booty call. Invite him over to watch one of the most unarousing movies you can think of, like Twilight :p.

    • yeah, well it was like 10 oclock at night when he asked that, so I was caught off guard and thought he was just looking for some. I personally wasn't that comfortable with it. but we kept talking after he came back, but he's been kinda snappy and won't do our inside jokes and stuff that much anymore. what gives?

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    • I hope it works out well for you, and I hope boy drama doesn't keep you up all night. I've been there with girl drama and it sucks.

    • i hope so too. he seems to be different than other guys, he really is sweet and smart and funny. but no, I'll be able to sleep lol. 3 hours ago, I wouldn't have said that, I was FREAKING OUT. so I did what I could, so hopefully he's still interested.

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  • no I bet he think you lost interest in him! just tell him yall need to talk then pour your heart out that's what me and my fiance did years ago and it worked!

  • tell him how you feel


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