He doesn't truly make me happy.

I have had a boyfriend for over a year and a half(my longest). He is so sweet and kind...but extremely immature...I love him...but not like I used too...I started going to collage and I never see him anymore...he is so fragile and loves me no matter what...but I love someone else too...My boyfriend and I don't talk about the important things..where more like good friends...But I can't break up with him...he was home schooled and I'm really his only friend..also my mother works for his dad...and is friends with his mom

When I started collage I started hanging around with an old friend(an ex). This someone I really never stopped caring for even after a really bad break up. I can talk to him about any subject (except this one). He knows me better than basically anyone else...Hes complicated and broken...but so am I ...

I told my boyfriend about my feelings for my friend and he was actually OK with it (or so he said) he said I had a big heart and that he understood...( I don't think he did I think he wanted to keep me no matter what) but he suggested that maybe I try to date both ...

It kinda worked for a while...but I grew closer to my friend and farther from him...

My mother (a complete control freak) found out and flipped out on me...we fought for hours and I can't stand yelling...I try to run away but I didn't this time...she told me how honorably of a person I was and I was ruining my life..and there's(mostly my boyfriends)...I got depressed and broke up with both (I didn't plan to be there the next day..but I couldn't do it)...so I was left with the mess I made...the boyfriend came and asked me to go to vacation broken up or not so I could get away from my mother and because mom said if I didn't get back with my boyfriend she'd kick me out and cut me off basically...my friend pulled away and I knew I hurt him...be didn't want to be near me ...and I hated myself for hurting him so I avoided him..and eventually left on vacation ..to try to escape...the depression faded and I wanted to get things how they where...the boyfriend welcomed it ...but I came back in fear of rejection from my ..friend..and I found I was replaced...he replaced me ...so doesn't that mean he didn't truly love me like I loved him?I still love him even if that hurt...What do I do? If I stay with the boyfriend I'm not happy but everyone else is...If I try to be with my friend he might hurt me...but if he didn't I'd be happy...but I can't break up with the boyfriend...but he doesn't truly make me happy...also mother hates the friend..think he's psycho and also because she thinks he only wants to use me...I think he's changed...but does he love me? I don't know what to do...


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  • Wow. What a situation.

    You need to live with you mom while going to school, and she wants to pick your boyfriend for you. How long until you are independent? You need to start living your own life, but you do want to get your degree.

    • I don't know ...but years at the least

    • It's been a month... Has anything changed?

      You really shouldn't have given me best answer -- I don't know what advice to give you.

      Your friend knows about the boyfriend right? If he does know the situation and decided to move on without talking to you about, it does seem like it wasn't meant to be. If he truly loved you, I think he would at least talk to you about the situation -- even if only to give you an ultimatum.

    • Not really...I have been living a half secret life with my friend...yesh they both know about each other...and really he just accepted it...still even

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