If when signing off of Facebook, a guys says "text me!" or "text me whenever"...

is he just saying that to say it, like a "see you later"? or does he legitimately like texting me?

a mutual friend of ours says this guy doesn't like texting, yet he tells me to text him, so I don't know if I should.. haha


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  • I say it sometimes because I don't always want to be the first one to initiate contact.


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  • Why would he tell you to text him if he didn't want you to? That mutual friend of yours could be jealous.

    • no, she's definitely not

      but OK thanks :)

    • Well there could be plenty of reasons she said that. In my opinion, a guy doesn't say text me and then not text back. Maybe he doesn't text or whatever. But maybe he will because he likes you.