Why does he never call me or text me?

I know a lot of girls ask this question but my story is a little bit different.

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 months now and has never called me to talk to me on the phone...not once its either been Facebook or at school and for the texting part I'm always the one to text first and most of the time he never even replies...

I've even tried not texting him for a week and still nothing happens...so if you guys would please...how do I get him to call me and text me without me having to sit here and worry about it...

Also I think you should know he plays video games all the time and uses that as an excuse more than anything so...yea please help me so I don't have to sit here like an idiot trying to figure it out using stupid guesses... thank you :)

I think these are both good thoughts on it but I haven't even heard from him in a week...so I doubt I'll be able to talk with him about it unless I hunt him down which I deem uneccesary...


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  • Ummmm he mite not like talking on the phone. I don't, but as for texting I don't know cause I text my wife all the time and I play xbox. And such


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  • Tell him. Tell him you want a phone call. And you want to him to text you first. If he has time to get on Facebook he has time to call you. And if you text him and he doesn't reply, text him again and say something cute like "talk to me pweasee :/" Always works with my boyfriend. Tell him you want to talk to him more. Ask him if he wants to go eat one day or something. Get your mother to take you and then pick you up after. Talk to him about it. It's that simple.