Boyfriend is a terrible kisser; How to be affectionate without having makeout sessions?

My boyfriend is possibly one of the worst kissers I've ever been with. He's good in bed, but I hate kissing him so much that I mainly just try to skip right to the intercourse. It makes me a little bummed, because the last guy I was with was a wonderful kisser. But, such is life ... you can't have it all.

When he wants to make out for affection's sake, I find myself wanting to stop after a few kisses... How can I continue to show him affection without being stuck making out any more than necessary?


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  • What you need to do is show him what you would like him to do, so say to him, your all over the place when you kiss me, I can't keep up, and tell him to try it like this, and then kiss him how you would want him to kiss you, make sure he lets you show him without reacting, then after, get him to try it on you, do this until he kisses you and its what you want, and if he asks why is he a bad kisser, just say no, but you give my tongue arse ache, let him know its a kiss, not a football match, he will appreciate it, and after a few test runs, so will you, good luck,x

    • He's bad the opposite way ... Doesn't do anything.

    • ok well the above still works but show him how to suck a tongue gently and really go to town on him so he feels like its his first kiss again, and tell him, if he wants to kiss you he has got to do what you want him to do, or you would rather not put all the effort in and be feeling as if your tongue is going to fall off. he has probably got in this mess because he wants you to take the lead or he is just inexperienced, but either way, it won't take long for you to get him kissing like a pro, x

    • He's def. not inexperienced, but maybe you're right that he wants me to show him how I want to be kissed.

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  • Tell him...

    I'm not trying to change you but tell you what I like. I like it best when you kiss like this... and explain what you like him to do. If you start to make out and he reverts back to his old habits, tell him to eat you out. So you get some good makeout going and then even more perks.

  • be clear of what is your requirement telling him openly what you like is the best way to avoid destruction during intercourse

  • In my experience, there is no such thing as a truly "bad" kisser, except in the case of people who genuinely don't enjoy it. Apparently not everyone enjoys the act of kissing but they do it anyway because they feel it's expected of them and for your (their significant other's) sake.

    • So what you're saying is ... He may not even like kissing and that's why he's not good at it?

    • That sounds possible.

      IMO, anyone can be taught how to be a good kisser, provided they actually want to learn. Not everyone does.

    • QA: That's exactly what I'm saying.

      Belgie: Yes, they can be taught technique, but for someone who doesn't enjoy it to learn would be awkward.

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  • If you're serious about him you should really at least attempt to teach him. It can be done, I once converted a sloppy, suck your face off kind of lad into a real champ. You can do it!

    • How'd you do it? I don't want to tell him he's a bad kisser ... He's super sensitive.

    • How to tell him? How to teach him? I'll go back to the old standby...

      Read my answer here : link

    • Okay well when he did something I didn't like I'd pull away and then take the lead and just say softly "I like it like this" eventually he slowed down and it became more enjoyable, it'll take a bit of time but worth it.

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