How to stop communicating with someone?

I've been talking to this guy for more than a year over text and I'm and I see him for a few days every month (we live in different states.) I am really attracted to him and I know he likes me but I just realized that whenever we hang out in person it's just really hard to talk to him... There's no connection, idk. And it's just awkward; we flirt so much over text and then in person it's just crickets. So I don't want to date him. How can I stop all this talking over text? I talk to him every day but it will never be a real relationship as far as I'm concerned. Any advice is welcome, thanks! :)


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  • Tell him you changed text plans and you can't text him anymore since it's not unlimited. It was nice chatting with you and I hope you find someone who makes you happy.


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