Does it sound like he wants to kiss me?

This guy drives me home from my job a lot even though he doesn't live near me, he offers. Today we were talking and I don't know how but it was kind of serious and there was just this personal vibe even though we usually joke around.

He was looking at me a lot even while he was driving, I would look at him and notice he's looking at me so then I would stare back at him. I took off my sunglasses, and when we got to my house he kept talking and was sitting closer and looking at me,and took off his sunglasses and kept talking. But then I said I feel bad keeping him esp since he drove me and he said I shouldn't because he enjoys talking to me and that it makes his ride home better. I said "Thank you so much for driving me" and he said it's always his pleasure.

You think he could like me, or was it just being nice? Usually we flirt around a lot but today no. We are pretty close, he has said things to indicate interest.

I wanted to kiss him..but I just can't, don't know if he would be interested. I like him a lot. Does it sound like we like each other, based on our interaction, or at least that he likes me?


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  • Honey, he's trying his damndest to be a gentleman...If you want to kiss him, you want to position yourself so that you're facing him up close...put your arms gently around his neck...and either try to kiss him or ask him if he wants to kiss you. Either way, he'll either push you away or kiss you.

    Actually, I went on a blind date with this gal once...and she was drop dead gorgeous...Even though I'm a former sailor, I got nervous as HELL ! And so then she asked me..."Do you want to kiss me" ?

    That was the most totally instant turn on of my life ! HOLY SH** ! Of course then, my instinct took over and I slowly pulled her close, and verrrry slooooowly kissed her. We dated for over a year.

    • Be a gentleman about what? out of interest?

    • That's easy...his mother taught him MANNERS. Don't see that much now days...and he's even USING them to BOOT...sooooo's out of interest.

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  • I think he definitely is interested. Kiss him if you want or maybe just wait and see if he'll go farther and initiate something. Good luck :)

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