I wasn't ignoring him!

Just read the conversation below & tell me what you think.

5:15 Why you not text me or you busy doing something?

5:17 You thinking about your ex?

5:20 What are you doing?

5:22 So I see you're busy

5;24 you never text me

5;28 you don't love me

5;30 you don't text me until I text you & I don't know why you won't answer me

5;30 I know you got the phone

5;34 hun why you not answering me huh are you still talking with your ex

5;35 I know you have your phone

5;39 why won't you answer I always answer you

5;39 & I always call & text you but you never call or text me

5;42 Babe why you ignoring me

5;45 Babe I'm a joke to you are you trying to play games with me hun

5;49 You know that's messed up you won't answer me & you're my girl

5;50 If you're busy you can tell me I know you have your phone

5;52 you know that's messed up that you ignoring me

5;53 or you on the phone with someone?

*I wasn't ignoring him & he also called me 3 times. When I apologized & told him I was busy he called me a liar* Anyways comments, concerns, opinions?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Tell him...

    Sorry motherf*cker I do have a life away from my phone. I put it down to take a nice relaxing hot bath and check my phone to find out you are a douche. Thank you for showing me how you truly are. We are over, goodbye.

    You are better off without him and that drama. Seriously.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I only ever go up to 3 texts with no responds then I stop.. This guy barly gave you time to text back..

    He called you a liar..

    Id say he's not worth it

  • NO THIS IS NOT FREAKING NORMAL. either he was drunk, drugged to the eyes. If not, punch him in the face and leave him NOW. Hell, if this came to any girl I knew whoever sent it is getting his arse kicked up between his ears.


What Girls Said 2

  • Shit, talk about obsessively clingy. (O_o)

    He is obviously insanely self conscious. He doubts himself so much he thinks others are doing the same, this is why he acts like this. He has a lot of baggage.

  • He sounds controlling, paranoid and impatient.