First date question!

Hey everyone, I've had bf's before but I never really had a first date..

I'm 20, tomorrow an old coworker of mine is inviting me to the movies,we've been flirting for the past 2 weeks by text and I haven't seen him in like 5 months... I have a couple of questions,

-How should I dress on a first date to the movies?

-This guys knows I liked him a year ago and that I find him attractive, does this mean that he really likes me since he's going out of the way to invite me to the movies or do you think this might just be a friendly reunion?(keeping in mind he knows I liked him(and I actually still do))

And please I need tips to be less shy I'm a really shy person and I get nervous!

Thank you :)


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  • Jeans and a tshirt, or whatever you're comfortable in and what you would wear on a normal basis. No need to get all dolled up for the movies.

    If he knows you're interested and invited you out, there's a good chance that he's interested as well. Friendly reunions = coffee/lunch. Date = movies.

    Just remember that he asked you out, so he already likes you to some degree! It's okay to be nervous, you'll get more comfortable with him.

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