Why people seem to be having so much trouble dating?

I am not saying dating its any easier for me...i actually have a lot of difficulties when it comes down to it. I still have to learn how not to look desperate or needy (even though I am not, I am just upbeat and when I like somebody I guess I like her too much) and how to differentiate women who play hard to get and those that are not interested.

Anyhow why do you think some people have so much trouble? While others have it so much easier...they get laid all the time, or just when they finish a relationship, they pretty much get on the next one right away.


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  • Do you really care..?

    well its because its f***ing unnecessary... if you are not comfortable dating that's because you f***ing hate it... you don't want to do it.. you never wanted to.

    you are doing it just because you feel you have no option. if there was any other option to get a girlfriend or get laid you would have done that...

    but there are not.

    Admit it... you are an insecure coward... you don't have the guts to turn your back to the whole dating sh*t.

    you think you are clear what to do and just have to gather the guts or right method to do. but you are f***ing confused what to do with them. you have no strategy. You will never have.

    so moral of the story: "if you were irritated while reading that bullsh*t just gather the courage to say bye bye to the dating sh*t. Be single and do everything else. let then know you are stupid coward and the most genuine person available on the planet"

    and if you were not irritated " I guess you already said "f*** off to me""

    and if you haven't say it "NOW"...

    I did this sh*t strategy and I am one of the happiest person on this planet earth.


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  • I think it's a lot about the expectations and ideals that is loaded into our heads even at a young age, not only from media but from family, friends, culture e.ct. Also because everyone are afraid of rejection. It's natural to be, since we are social creatures after all and we need to be a part of society or any kind of social group to feel good. It's wired in us as instinct I believe. :)

  • Well, I get nervous on dates lol. Because when a guy asks me out, it's because he thinks I'm a cool person. And I don't want to ruin that by acting weird or something like that, but when I"m not myself I always end up saying the wrong things and screwing it up lol.


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  • 80 percent of girls get 20 percent of the guys

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