Is he legitimately into me?

I recently started dating a guy from work, and we seem to have really hit it off. He's 20, I'm 19, he's a virgin and I'm... well... not. Other than that, we have a lot of fun in person, the last time we were together we spent eight hours with each other. However, he never texts me or calls me, and when I text him, it takes him an hour to text me back, if he texts me back at all. I just don't know if this is normal. He's kind of a quiet guy, and I don't want to make a fuss if he just doesn't have anything to say. On the other hand, I don't want to get dumped in two months after he turns in his v card. Is it normal for a guy to not really communicate much with his girlfriend, or should I be worried?


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  • I think he does like yo but he's like my guy friend he doesn't like texting much..give him a little bit of time, he's probably getting out of shell