Should I text her, "get out of my head"?

Me and this girl have moved pretty fast to the point where I wish I could have slowed things down a little, I don't even know if we can be considered friends, things have been a little messed up lately...anways how would you girls feel if you were to get a text that says, "you need to get out of my head" :)

what would your reaction be and how would you take it?


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  • I wouldn't text a line like that.

    • I know dude but that's honestly how I feel right now been thinking of txting her but don't know what to say its like I have to break the ice all over again with her

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    • ive asked her that plenty of times she always said she couldnt, and she's always flirting with me

    • Too bad then. Move on. Ignore her.

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  • that's kinda a conversation killer hahah. I would have no idea what to reply to it so I wouldn't. and you're going to be left wondering what you said wrong when in reality, it's just because I have no idea what to say and not anything you did wrong


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  • link

    That article has a part about confessing stuff and getting a date :P

    • Also, I'd suggest following phoenix52's advice and move on.