Should I believe him?

Ok well my boyfriend stared to hang out with this new girl at school. He would literally blow me off for her and he spent more time with he in 2 days at school then he ever spent with me in a year at school. So I was texting one of my guy friend and we were talking about how close they were getting and stuff....well ok you gotta know this I'm a very jealous person and we broke up because of it so I'm working really hard on it.

Well I sent this very long message that sound that its hurting my feeling when he flirts with her and hangs out wit her more than me and a lot more well I accidentally sent it to my boyfriend and I told him I sent it to the wrong person and to please not ask me what it was about well he said he didn't have to he got enough out of the message to know what I'm talking bout and I asked him if he was mad at me and he said no but I don't know whether to believe him or not... and my friend said that he's thinking about breaking up wit me so maybe he just wants me to think that were ok so I won't feel bad or something. I'm so confused please help!!!


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  • Ok, so your wondering why your boyfriend is hanging around with this girl.

    Either it is because she's a new girl and is pretty cool and is attractive.

    Or he gets nervous around you and he can feel much more relaxed around another girl.

    Its always fun to meet someone new!


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  • Guy say what they mean and mean what they say- unlike women who say they aren't mad but are ready to rip someone's head off.

    If that's all you said I don't see why he'd be mad and if he said he wasn't I'd take his word for it. If anything he may be irritated that you just didn't talk to him about it.

    You said you broke up but you were working on your jealously and you think he wants to break up- I guess you got back together with him?

    For what it's worth- you probably are a little jealous BUT he's not being very considerate of your feelings either. He's at fault too, so don't put all the blame on yourself.