What does it mean if my boyfriend and I felt the same way when we kissed?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 months now, he's 18 and I'm 16. Anyways it was just a simple kiss and we both felt butterflies in our stomach, that were so bad we both couldn't breathe. My friends told me they think it means something...but they don't know what. A couple of them said that means that he and I are meant to be together but others said that they had no idea what to say. What do you guys think?

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  • It means you're both very attracted to the other, and probably haven't done much in the way of intimate contact with the opposite gender. If you were both middle aged, and already had multiple relationships followed by this reaction to each other then maybe you could go and get all "meant to be" on that. My opinion anyways, you still sound like you make a pretty decent couple with or without "destiny" being involved.

    • we've done more than kiss and make out but not as far as sex...and we've both been in other relationships...he I know has had sex once with the girl he dated before me...

    • Fair enough.

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  • neither A nor B. It means atm you're attracted to each other. Considering your age you're likely not going to end up spending your entire life with this guy. It's possible, but don't think for sure you will. Having your hormones raging at that age (and even into the 20s like me) will make people think stupid things.

  • sigh another puppy love..


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  • Just because you both enjoy a kiss doesn't mean you're going to get married and have babies.

    In ANY relationship, both parties tend to enjoy the kissing and feel these butterflies also.

    It doesn't mean anything...

    Plus, you're still young. When you're young kissing is the best thing going. Then you start having sex...

    • we've kissed plenty of times and we do more than just kiss or make out...trust me. but it was this one simple goodbye kiss that was just so unlike the others.

    • Doesn't mean that it's "meant to be"! You can really like someone, but you don't know what the future holds, that's the thing...

      I've felt that way about many a man, but we still break up... that's life. You can be in love with someone, but it doesn't automatically mean it will last.

      It's just a sign that you both like each other. I wouldn't look into it any further...

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