Any advice on dating?

I've been out of the game for 8 years. I've been bitter towards women and at myself for a few years after 2 horrible break ups and tons of rejections. I didn't have a problem with getting or understanding girls at the time before all that. Anyway I don't have a problem with getting noticed or anything but I'm in my late twentys now and I'm getting back into the dating world seriously and I know what I want. You'd think I would have learned something listening and watching other couples date and my many rejections but the point is I've met someone that I really like and she seems interested. Does anyone have any advice for me so I don't ruin this one?


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  • Ok first of ALL. please don't act perverted girls don't like that. big turn off.

    also treat her like a princess and I don't mean by buying her stuff just like sweetness and kind things. like if you text her tell her you will always be there for her and nice things. girls really like that. just take my advice trust me =]]


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