What would you think of this text message?

I live overseas and she doesn't know such good English! So I'm not sure if she understood what commitment meant or if she thought I was asking if she was committed to me?

Me: Do you think commitment or intimacy is more important

Her: Maybe intimacy, I don't believe the commitment

Me: So you don't believe in commitment? That means one man and one woman, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Her: Yes, I know. ^^ Do you think you're my bf?

Me: I meant do you believe in commitment as an idea? Not us specifically. Do you believe in commitment as an idea? To answer you question I think we are dating, and I only date 1 girl at a time as personal rule. Words like boyfriend and girlfriend are for when people have dated for awhile. I only do intimate stuff with girls I'm in love with. I really like you so far (:

What would you think of my last text message?


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  • Well it sound OK to me and I canĀ“t speak such a good English ..

    but I think she already said that intimacy is more important to her . But your answer to her question is great


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  • Nothing,normal text,not desperate or anything.


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  • Desperate... especially the intimate bit thrown in...

    She's already told you what she feels...