Girls, if you were asked to the same dance by two different guys, would you still go?

If you were invited to a dance by two different guys, would you still have the nerve to go (assuming you said yes to one of them). In my opinion, I think you shouldn't. If you tell the one you don't wind up with, that you're sick or something and you get spotted by him at the dance, how do you think it would make him feel?

The other option is just to ask a guy out yourself (a completely different one from the ones who asked you out) but even that could get a little tricky


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  • Did this happen to you?

    Sorry- Sidetracked.

    Anyways. If they don't ask me as a friend, I do make things clear. I'm afraid I don't like you that way, I like someone else, etc. So even if it happened that I did see him at the dance, he would know what was going on. If you refuse the people who ask you to the dance respectfully (not making up excuses), then you have no reason not to go. Maybe if the person was a very close friend that I knew for sure was going, and I didn't have someone I had my heart set on. But if they like me that way and they're not close, then why would they go to the dance if they know I don't like them that way?

    • Nope, I saw a question and got curious

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  • Sure, I'd go. But I wouldn't tell one of them I was sick... I'd be straightforward about it and do what I wanted.

  • Well if I were asked by two guys, I'd only say yes to one, and then I wouldn't lie to the other one. I'd just say, I'm going with someone else, sorry. Then there's no problem.

    • He'd still feel bad since you're turning him down for another guy

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    • Of course he doesn't have to go. But I wouldn't 'hope he doesn't show up'. If he wants to go, he should go. If he doesn't, that's fine too, it's his decision.

      Either way, I'd still go and do my own thing.

    • Eh

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