Is this now a date?

There is this guy in my social circle that I have grown to like - we get along pretty well and have fun. He apparently had a huge thing for me and we have made out a few times when we were drunk. Anyway, I asked him if he wanted to get together and have some wine and hang out (I usually do this on Wednesday's with my other friend) and he said yes. I was planning on it just being a hang out, get to know each other better, friend thing... Anyway, now he's providing the wine and making me dinner... I originally clarified with him that it was "wine night" and not "make out night" and he said he was cool with that ... but has this now been upgraded to date night without me knowing?!


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  • Maybe he just wanted to have a little food with the wine, and prefers the way he cooks so he cooked it? :)

    That doesn't make it a date, does it? But heh, he felt you were worth the upgrade. It's a compliment!

    But anyway, a special woman in my life once told me that all relationships progress. They don't stand still. They either bust, end up as "just friends", or just keep progressing, throughout all of life as long as we live as humans. Even senior citizens have continually changing dynamics in their marriages.

    So another words... its going to be date night some time. Break it off, change the tempo, or get ready :)


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