If I cold-approach a girl for lunch, does she consider that date, or something of the sort?

I cold approach a girl in my class to get her to grab some lunch with me. I brought her to a little sushi place not far from school, and I did not let her pay. I think we had a great time, and the conversation flowed continuously. On our way back, she told me "I had a good time" and I got her number. Now, obviously I approached her because I am interested in her, would she have considered this a date? This seems obvious to me but I just want to make sure.

I saw her again after class today, we simply sat and talked for a whole two hours. We have so much stuff in common in our views and ideas that I'm questioning what the odds are that I could've found so great a person just off of a good vibe. But anyways, tomorrow I'm going to try to take her out on a steamboat cruise where we can eat, listen to jazz (she likes jazz), and enjoy the sights. She was eager to agree to that so, looks like I'm in for a wonderful tomorrow.
Well... she never got back to me after I texted and called her, so the steamboat date never happened. I don't think she is ignoring me, that just wouldn't make sense. We have a great time every time we are together, and she was always full engaged with me, never showing any boredom or disconnectedness. I think I'm just going to wait till we have class again and see what happens.


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  • Well, you paid, which is very date-like. So I think it's safe to say that she knows you're interested. The question is how interested is she? If she told you she had a good time and she gave you her number, that's definitely positive. The next step is to have some teasing, fun banter with her, either in class or over text and then ask her out on another date. Plan something fun and interactive where you can learn more about each other and interact in some way. Ideally you should start getting some playful touching going on so she gets used to your physical presence in your interactions. Then in one of the next 2 dates you need to move in for the kiss. At that point there will be no doubt left that what you are doing is going on full fledged dates.

    • Thanks man, good advice. I'm definitely asking her out again next class, and I was planning on an interactive activity. Good to know I'm on the right track.

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    • If it didn't involve me writing a paper, I'd fill you in but it is just too much. But, yeah. I got it.

    • Alright Man. Good luck. If you have time to kill write it out. I'd be interesting to read.

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  • Yes, that does sound like a date. Congrats. :)

    Now that you have her number, you should text her or call her and ask her out again.

    • I appreciate the answer. Let me ask you, she told me to text her while doing this cute little texting pantomime as she was walking away from me last we were together; why would she ignore my text or calls? I could swear that she very much enjoyed it when we hung out; she was always smiling and engaging me the whole time.

  • I would think so.


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