First Kiss.. I have no idea how to kiss him?

There's this guy shane that I really like and he recently told me he likes me too. We just came back from winter break and I really want to kiss him & he's going to be my first.

I need MAJOR help because I have no idea how to kiss him? where do I put my hands? During what timing do I kiss him?

idk maybe I'm overanalyzing this but I still need help.


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  • ok first things first. take a deeeeeeep breath...ok ready? if I give you a huge explanation on "how to kiss" you will do it. And if you do then your first kiss will be nothing. when the time is right you will know it. as far as how to kiss it very simple. start SLOW if youer nervous and attack his face he will think your insane. just to everything in slow motion. don't use your tongue for the first few seconds the slowly slide it into his mouth and rub it aginst yours. depending on how your sitting or standing will determain were you put ur hands. one on the side of his face or the back or his head will work or on his upper back. hope this helps

  • Best kiss you can give to him..

    Act natural.. You don't need any guide on this.. Just let it go...

    If you just let it go .. The kiss will be at its best.


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