How will I turn him down after I led him on?

met this guy on an online dating site and we talked, then added each other on Facebook, and im'd some more, he gave me his number and we texted for a while too. The thing is I've been texting another guy who I've been friends with for a while but we've started developing feelings for each other.

The dating site guy texted me saying we should go out this weekend, I told him I was working, he then Facebook messaged me a couple of days later sounding kind of pissed asking me out again.

The feelings I'm developing for the other guy are getting stronger and I really don't want to lead this guy on by going out with him. I know I may have led him on already by talking to him and such, but I was trying to be polite and not ignore him but I've wound myself up into a bit of a problem now

I don't want to meet up with him cause I know me and this other guy are going to get together, what will I say back to him? please help!


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  • Why do you feel like you have lead him on? Plus if he's going to get angry with you because you had to go to work instead of hang out with him, that seems immature on his part (unless there's more to it or I'm missing something). Regardless, the best thing to do is be honest and stop leading him on (if you actually are).


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