Picking up a bartender. Any tips?

Here is my situation: I have known this girl for over # years now> We used to have a thing for each other< but it was kind of short_lived as we were both pretty young and she was at a different college than I. but we always kept in touch.

Recently, I got a text from her to come out to her restaurant where she works for a party they were throwing at their bar. It was a mass text invite, so I didn't over think it. But I went, said hey, and she briefly spoke with me about how she'd be down to hang out soon.

My plan is to not pursue her, but go to her bar pretty often and be nonchalant. After about 2 or 3 visits to her place and regular "see you later"'s and a smile, I'll ask her to come out with me to catch up in a different setting for once, instead of her job. My goal is just to get her to come out on a date with me since she plays hard to get and works at a bar. Any ladies (or fellas) have any thoughts on this?Thanks again and my best to everyone.

Damn. The SHIFT key was stuck, I have known her for 3 years.


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  • If she said she's down to hang out why not take her up on the offer?

    Your plan is alright, but it's also time consuming and lengthy.

    When you go in one night, as you two are chatting just ask a day that she has off and see if she'd go grab some coffee with you so you can 'catch up'.

    If I was her, and you just started coming into my bar over and over, I'd know it's because of me first off, and second off it would seem like you're too shy to ask me out.

    Don't be obvious.

    Don't be shy or intimidated.

    Be casual.

    And take the lead, because honestly most girls expect that from guys.


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