What to say to girlfriend?

If my girlfriend saw me looking at other girls and ask if they are more beautiful than her ?

What should I say if I feel they are more beautiful ? Should lie?


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  • DO NOT say "Yes, she is more beautiful than you."

    You could give a half truth/half lie and say "Well she is a pretty or a good looking girl (don't use beautiful or hot), but I think you are prettier."

    You could say "No, not more beautiful than you." nothing wrong in a lie like that

    If she asks the question differently like just "Is she pretty?" where she's not asking if the the girl is prettier THAN her, you can be honest and say "Yeah she's pretty?" or "No I don't really think she's pretty." - I ask my boyfriend all the time if certain girls and celebrities are pretty, just cause I'm curious to see what he thinks is good looking, compared to what I think is good looking, and we actually have different "tastes" lol


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  • Simple.

    " honey its okay to look. it doesn't mean there more beautiful than you. no one compairs to you but everyone looks from time to time. even women look at men. I love you."

  • Don't lie say something like yeah she's pretty but your the only girl that is beautiful to me.

  • say no. tell her she's the most beautful person in the world to you

  • "Honey, men are visual people. We like to look and appreciate beauty and involuntarily women catch our eyes, but that doesn't mean I find them more beautiful than you. You're special to me, they aren't"


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