Which date is best to ask?

I'm not sure which date is best to tell a girl I'm a virgin and won't date girls that have ever had sex with guy they aren't in relationship with for any reason ever.

I let women make the sexual moves. I don't ever kiss first or try yo have sex with a girl


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  • the date when you're thinking about sex righ there and then


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  • Don't tell the girl you're a virgin on the first date, that you want kids, you want to get married, etc etc! TMI! None of that bullsh*t needs to be said on the FIRST date! Don't be an open book. Don't let the woman try and make the first move, not all women like that, though some do.


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  • As for telling her you're a virgin... I don't know why on earth do you feel you need to share that. Of course if she asks then be honest (or evade, that's also an option) but why do you think they need to know that. My advice is - don't.

    As for telling her about your requirements - straight away. Now, I'm not saying it should be the first thing you utter upon meeting her. Lead into it of course but raise the point as soon as possible. If that's your standard then tell them about it. That way you'll weed out the ones that don't meet it and save yourself a lot of time. No reason to beat around the bush with that.