How to get a date to formal?

Honestly I'm not even looking for it to be a serious one. Even someone going with me as a friend is basically all I'm asking.

First of all let me say I am 20 and in university. The formal I'm referring to is the one with my sorority. Its in about a month and I honestly feel like I have no options. All my life I have never dated anyone, I'm not ugly or fat or anything lol and I've hooked up with guys and even turned down some. Its just the way my life has played out. Also, I've never had any close guy friends. Not one. I mean, I don't know why that is. I'm really friendly and I make friends with girls in like 5 minutes but when it comes to being friends with a guy its always just been a casual thing. I would feel so awkward asking an acquaintance to go with me...I feel like they would think I liked them or something...the only guys I really know any way are my friends' boyfriends. I don't know I'm just not an extremely flirty girl and I find that the one's with some charm are cool with all the guys...(once again, I'm not ugly lol)

That being said, I have one month and no prospects. Am I doomed?

(I know I don't NEED a date but the sisters are really encouraging it because if not enough people bring dates then they have to move it to a smaller venue. Also, the price of a ticket won't even change so I wanna get my money's worth!)



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  • Does your sorority have mixers with the fraternity? I'm in a fraternity and we do these mixers with the sorority girls ... if you girls do that you can pick up a guy at one of those.

    • yeah we do. but I mean wouldn't it be awkward to just take any random guy who's not even a friend? would you go to a formal with a girl you barely know?

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    • Go to the gym, hang out around campus and stuff too I'm sure a guy will approach you just smile if you like the guy.

    • alright I'll give it a shot. thanks again :)

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  • no your not doomed lol just ask someone. all you have to do is go up to a guy, and say "would you like to go to my formal?" if he says no...his loss, you probly wouldn't have fun with him anyway. if he says yes then you my friend have a date to the formal lol...just ask them to go as friends, pick someone in one of your someone you know but would like to know more. it won't hurt to ask, and who might be with him for a while lol

    • I like the class buddy idea. ugh this is so nerve wracking for me..I don't wanna be the only one with no date -_____-

    • calm down so just if a guy says no she wouldn't have fun with him and it would be his loss? what if he's not interested or he already has a girl? Reality is not every guy will like every girl and not every girl will like every guy ...

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