Do some men just not like kissing?

What does it mean if a man doesn't like kissing and avoids it mostly? Not just passionate kissing, but even pecks on the lips. He says that he doesn't like kissing much and not to take it personally.

He also doesn't like going down on me (and never does). Could this be related?

My hygeine in both areas is fine.

Do some men just not like using their mouths or is there a deeper issue here?


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  • Hi Anonymous User,

    I was searching the net for solutions to the very same dilemma I have as yours when I chanced upon your question in this site. When I read your question it's as if it was me who's asking it. I'm starting to think it was me who has the problem already. But then to give you a little bit of our history. The first few time I started going out with "my man" almost 5 years ago. He used to kiss me before we do it. Though we never really made-out. I remember the only time we made-out was our first date which led to our first time sleeping together. And as far as I remember he only went down on me about 2 or 3 times. And then we "split up" for some stupid reasons. He found another girl but he then broke up with her. And as soon as he became available again, we started 'doing it' again. We sort of became friends-with-benefits, although I have feelings for him. Anyway, up until now am still sleeping with him and up until this day we've never really kissed and he never goes down on me. And we've been like this for almost 5 years already :(

    Also not one of us initiated kissing. BUT I really wanted to be kissed. I just don't want to take the chance of initiating it because of the fear of being turned down. :(

    Now I am thinking that maybe the deeper issue is that the man is not really into me that's why he never kissed me or go down on me at all. I think in my case, he wasn't doing the did to me because he doesn't want to give me the wrong signals and doesn't want me to expect more than being just friends :( I hope it's totally different in your case.


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  • I'm guessing he's not much of an affectionate type.


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  • As for the kissing I would say maybe he's self conscious about his teeth (if they're slightly crooked), bad breath or some ex told him he was a bad kisser and gave him a complex.

    About the other... maybe he hasn't done it before- often- or again... has a complex from a past experience.

    They may or may not be related.

    Have you tried telling him what you like, teaching him, showing him, etc? He may just need a simple boost of confidence. He he affectionate in other ways, like holding your hand in public? If he's generally non-affectionate he may not know how to express himself. If he is affectionate in other ways he may just not dig kissing and the other.

    I can see why you're puzzled. I'm a little stumped too.

  • Um, I have a lot of guy friends and they always tell me they won't kiss or go down on a girl they consider a ho or if they don't have real feelings for her. I'm not saying you are, but that could be a reason.