What kind of game is this?

This is a conclusion to all my other questions. So about this girl that I thought liked me, we would text each other daily morning to late into the night, really got to know her. So one night were texting for hours and I felt like romance was in the air, we've been talking for a while. It was going good, so at some point , she didn't reply, so I text her and asked if she was asleep took her a few minutes to respond. And this is what the text read " tryn to sleep, hav to wake up erly , and do mi babi agan." what the **** is that?


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  • lol that probbaly wasn't what she meant to say...

  • She was probably in the state of almost sleeping, aka drunk sleeping. You know when you're really tired and you're about to sleep and your response is incoherent cause you're brain in starting to go in sleep mode. And you don't really know what you're saying and you just say the first thing that comes up. She most likely was telling you that she's going to bed and that she has to wake up early for the next day, but the drunk sleep kicks in and said some random stuff. I'm pretty sure that she doesn't have a baby to do again.

    • I was under the same impression, but I figured her "babi" is a man. so the next day I sent her a text about why she didn't tell me about this guy from the start,and I wasn't to nice, and didn't reply back.

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    • I see what you meen, she didn't defend anything so I assumed I was right. thanks for your input

    • She may let you just assume the worst just to p*ss you off cause you pissed her off. 1 for 1 I say. Good luck.

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