Why didn't he call?

I've been dating this guy I kind of like him and he told me he like me. Yesterday we hung out for about an hour, he told me he'd come over again today and to text him. I text him, got no reply or call. Why does he do that (it's not the first time)? He'll seem interested and act sweet then all of a sudden turn into a jerk and not contact me.


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  • Ah I hate this kinda guy behavior. Leave him for a bit and let he be the one who contacts you first from now on. If he wants you, then he'll work hard for you so force yourself to get rid of any expectations you may have had about you two even if it's hard. Give it time, give him space and focus on something else.

    • Thanks so much I'm trying not to be first to contact him from now on.

  • Did this happen before or is it the first time?

    • Yeah unfortunately it's not the first time.

    • Don't text him again. Wait for him to initiate calls/texts and if he kept on manipulating you like that, stop having feelings for him. This behavior is destructive. I have been there.

    • yeah it's annoying. Thanks :)

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