Should I go out with him?

So there is a guy a met last year and we began talking and he eventually asked me out but I wasn't ready to go out with anyone do I rejected him. We never really talked a lot in school even though we had two classes but still texted occasionally. Now this year we have no classes together but now we actually talk in the halls and stuff. He asked me out again today and I said I didn't know. I really do like him and want to date him but the issue is my friends. My one friend and him dated constantly on and off for about 6 months. They both cheated on each other (her first and she is always overly flirty with guys) they broke up for good back in March and she's now has a new boyfriend and another ex between them. My other friends just find him annoying and hate him. I really want to date him and regretted rejecting him last time. But I don't want my friends constantly making snide remarks and bugging me and saying stuff like how could you even like him, which I know they will do. So I really don't know if I should go with what I want and date him or not date him again because of my friends. And if I were to go out with him how would I tell my friends?


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  • well. what I would do, if I was in the situation, and really liked a girl, I would date the girl and tell my friends to screw themselves... but then again, I'm not really afraid of losing social status or anything- and I know I can take whatever they throw at me. now. to your situation. you're going to have to decide how much you like him, and if he's worth dealing with all of this. if he is, then go to him, and explain why you wouldn't date him previously (the guys probably really wondering why), and say that you would love to. now- as for the friends- I would just tell them straight out I really like him, and he's a really good match for me, and that I want all of your support when I date him. something like that... xD. but you may still get snide comments. good way to seperate the good friends from the bad I suppose xD


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