Kissing a girls nose

So my long distance guy (not bf/gf) kisses my nose when we makeout the first time he did it was 2yrs ago...well when I went up there to visit we were having sex and he kissed my nose like 3 times and I asked him if he does that to every girl and he said no I'm the first one...and he's been with a lot of girls..

Does this mean I'm like special to him or something?

Also he called me baby which he's never done in the whole 2yrs I've been talking to him. is this significant?

When I said he's been with a lot of girls I meant only like 4 but that's a lot to me!


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  • hey yo...maybe he's trying to put some extra spin on his manwhorish resume.

    Trust me, if you had a nose like Barbara Streisand, I don't think he'd do that. lol Look her up on google you'll see what I mean.


    • Hes not a manwhore though.

      Ha my nose doesn't look anything like that.

    • Jk....about the nose. If he's not a manwhore, it means you are special in his eyes for some particular reason. Ask him why you were the only one he's done that to.

What Girls Said 1

  • my boyfriend does that to me also and never did it to any of his other ones. for him its like a cute thing to do (and no my nose is smaaaall and buttonlike not a big witch thing) so I would say he's doing it to show you he cares its a cute gesture.

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