When guys are busy you never hear from them?

This is something for the guys and maybe girls can give some input

Anytime I was getting know a guy or dating, or even in a relationship. Why is it when guys have something going on or are having fun without you, you never hear from them. Days go by or it's a good weekend and texting or phone calls are far from their minds, But as soon as things are quiet they remember to call. The interesting thing is, not always but when he does decide to see if you are dead or alive and it just so happens you are busy, sometimes they get annoyed, What\s up with that.. .


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  • So true hahaha

    Well, guys love to have some quality time on their own or with friends. Guys love freedom and even if they love their girls so much, sometimes they feel tied up and they hate it.

    Sometimes they're also stressed at work and guys deal with stress by sitting alone and figuring out solutions, unlike us we like to talk about our problems. They get into their "caves" and would come out when they solved their problems.

    Girls think that guys are ignoring them and playing games but they aren't. They just need some time and space (which is healthy to an extent). Girls do it wrong when they get upset and mad at the guys and burst into anger and an emotional explosion.

    What girls have to do is have some quality time with her friends, family or by herself. She should have a life without him involved.

    It's normal :)