From online to dating next week?

OK so I met this girl from an online dating site and we are going on a date next week, I've never dated a girl from online dating and she seems very comfortable with herself and around me while talking emotionally, cheeky and sexually.

we are going cinemas next week, any advice, I Haven't told my friends or family, first off my friends probably think I'm desperate from going online and my family will just get that worry thing cause of the caution of online dating and danger.

so so any advice?


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  • It's actually a common thing as for online dating, most people that do go on online dating websites are those that either have a limited amount of chances to meet new people due to their jobs or they're very busy in general, so I mean don't worry too much about it, just think of it as a normal date, but how long have you two talked for? If it's been a couple of weeks then at least you'll have an idea of how she's going to be like in person. I personally think it's kind of connection and feeling you get once you meet her, don't think too much into it and I mean it's the first date, if it goes well, then there's nothing to ashamed of meeting her through online, but if it goes bad (not saying it will), I think it's better to keep it to yourself..

  • I've been using a dating site for a few mos. now and have met quite a few guys on there.

    I love it. It's fun and you get to meet a lot of interesting people!


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