Is online dating worth it?

I've tried it before but it seems like guys always want you to message them. Do guys take it seriously? And how do you show interest without sounding weird?


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  • I've tried it for many many years : / ... I know I've only just turned 19 but, since I was 11 I've been searching teen chat sites, teen social site's, date site's (when I turned 16-17), im' messenger's, lots of different sites and methods, hours and hours a day. I maxed out more than a few free date sites within my year span of extreme dedication to searching, listing, and sending message's to the girls I felt most interested in.

    Not even drawn close : / ...

    Works differently for different people. Haven't even met a girl off a site or off the net so, I couldn't say whether it would work for you. Maybe it's my appeal. Or maybe it's my preferences, I don't know, all I know, is it hasn't returned for my efforts yet : / ...

    So, I just stick to this site now. I can word my opinion and share my knowledge, and that way hopefully, maybe, some nice girl will pick me out :) and I'll pick her out too. That's in my day dreams anyway.

    But, I'd still back the idea. Merely because logically, you can contact more people a day, than you ever would within 6 months of your average weekly routines. That and the factor that you can be more open and honest - being that you have anonyminity, and share information with each other more comfortable, quickly, effectively. Not have to worry about giving off or interpreting the right signals. Not have to dress to impress. Just share yourself with the person, and if it develops and you like what you hear, then merely go from there :)

    Just make sure your specific on how you communicate, and make sure they are too, because either their not as passionate as you are about finding the perfect partner, or their not online to do so, merely shallow leisure, scamming, spamming, advertising or just not interested.

    But there the minority I'm certain :) ... So much hype about them aspects of the net but, I've never had any trouble with it, and I'm probably the most experienced online relationship seeker on this site. lol.

    Well anywho... Good luck :) and if you need any advice or opinion, then don't be shy to message me :)

    • sorry it didn't work! it just seems like a trend so I decided to check it out.

      I do have a question how should I message someone saying I'm interested in talking with them?

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    • Hmmm, well :P ... we'll see. I never used to have the patience to answer questions that require a specific answer - well in my head, being an extremist, I just have to note near every significant thing I feel relevant to the topic :P ... So, if your looking for fun, leisureliness, idle, opinionated bantar, I'm not your guy :P ... I'll be thorough and specific, and try to be as incisive and helpful as possible :)

    • Ha ha I wasn't meaning you had to be my dr. Phil :D

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  • I'd say it can do some people good. I couldn't even get a girl to answer me though. So I think it's crap. lol


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  • I've tried a couple of sites and I wasn't serious about meeting anyone. I went on a few dates, but they were rebound dates and I wasn't completely attracted to them anyways. Went on dates for a month, took a break from it for 6 months before going on another date, which turned out to be a bad experience. That made me gave up on site #1. I signed up for site #2 a month later and went on an impromptu date with someone and we've been dating since. It's still relatively fresh (we've been on 3 dates), but it looks promising.

    So all in all, it can work if you get lucky and find someone who's equally serious in starting a relationship. You just have to be careful because a lot of guys on there are just looking for sex.

    • Yeah I noticed that, plus they always want pictures lol

    • Lol yeah, just be wary. I was supposed to go on a date with a guy who I've never met before but he cancelled last minute because he was behind in his studying. Then he said we can watch a movie at his place later in the night. Yeah, no thank you.

  • I'm currently on a dating site-and actually prefer it over the traditional way:)

    I actually had a lunch date today-but he had to cancel because he got called into work.

    Have also met quite a few great guys on there!

  • My mum and step dad first met online, they've been married for almost five years and going strong.

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