Best friend having girl problems?

My best guy friend is having major problems with getting a girl. He is incredibly nice and just wants a girl to be able to hold and comfort. He is very gruff on the outside so some girls get the wrong impression of him and the couple of girls that he has asked out recently have rejected him. Recently he has been complaining how complicated and confusing girls are. Do any girls out there have any advice that I could give him?


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  • is he hanging out with them before he asks them out so they understand the real him before they reject him? because if he is then maybe its not the girls. maybe its him. but just tell him to make sure they understand who he really is and not who he comes off as.

    • He is trying to but he is asking them out before he is put in the friend zone so I really don't know how well he is getting to have these girls know him

    • yeah. he should probably be friends first so they get the right signals and then ask them out.

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