I have feelings for two guys and don't know what to do?

So the guys I broke up with we were together for 5 years and we went are seperate ways and when we werent together I begged him bak and he wouldn't have me bask he kept saying no. So instead I went with lots of men. I was like the city Whore. And when I went to diffrent guys there was only two I feel in love with other than the one I was with for 5 years. So out of the two guys I feel in love with one of them stole from me so I didn't want anything to do with him no more. So after a couple of months the guys I was with for 5 years ask me to see him again because he found out what I was doing and he missed me and wanted me bak. He didn't think I would have gotten anyone. But I lost weight and I liked the way I looked and I had a lot of heads turn and anyways I met up with him and I feel right bak in love the day I met eyes with him, And I kinda have feelings for a guy I was messing around with when I was one of those girls who had sex with a lot of men. I know this is probley confusing but I didn't know how to write it any better than that, and I hope no one takes it the wrong way. I will NEVER be one of those girls I was treated like garbage. :(


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  • Choose the guy you saw second. You obviously like him more because if the first one has really meant that much to you, you wouldn't have noticed the second one.