Boyfriend is dating online girls, advice?

So I have just found a horrible skeleton in my bf's closet.. He had been dating online girls for a long tome and the last one he had emailed me about how hey were still dating while me and him were he has cheated on girls in he past ( online) and this girl lives in the states while me and him live in Canada lol anyways be says he WANt me and will do anything too make it up to me and claims he loves me and it hurts cause I love him too.. I don't know what too do I met him in person and might be his first real life gf.. T.T



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  • There's nothing wrong with online dating...

    However.. there is something wrong with cheating.

    He left his online Girlfriend for you..

    And the same thing could happen to you.

    Just a heads up.

    Hope you sort it out, regardless, good luck.


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  • Grammar. Learn it.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA if he's not hitting it its not cheating...HHAHAHAHAHA the last part was hilarious! "might be his first real life girlfriend T.T"


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  • Leave him. I stayed and it did nothing but poison our relationship.

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