How can you tell if he really does love you?

He cheats on me ( online) then claims he loves me and would do anything too make up for it I do love him a kit but fear he nay not change how cAn you tell if a guy truly loves you? Ps I wasn't met online by him we go too school together


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  • If he's cheating on you, he doesn't truly care about you.

    More importantly he doesn't respect you as a girl, woman, whatever.

    On another note, you don't love him, so don't bother.


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  • ALWAYS judge guy by his actions and not his words. When a guy loves you there won't be any doubt in your mind.

    Trust me...end the relationship go out and have some fun. Let him see what's he's lost. If he wants you back he has to earn it...that's if you would actually want him back!

  • He doesn't care about you. Sorry.