Is she testing me or trying to make me move towards some other women?

*I found this girl through Facebook, we text a lot almost throughout the day! She shared everything with me! We are best friends as of now!

*Its the exam time, I told her like I won't disturb her anymore until the exam gets over! I told that maybe last Sunday!

* Last Friday, I was thinking of her throughout the day, so I text'd her like "I felt like talking to you" and started my convos! It went on well!

* The next day, I liked some of her old photos in Facebook! She came online by 9.30pm! and I text'd "good night" and even I got a "good night" message in reply by 10.15 pm!

*But around 11pm, She text'd me asking why I liked all her pics suddenly? and it went on for a while! Then she told me like she'll help in getting a hot chick and teach me how to flirt with girls! She even tried to make me jealous!

*Is she testing me or trying to make me move towards some other women?


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  • I think she only sees you as a friend and nothing more... you can't really develop a relationship over Facebook it just doesn't work that way. and you would know if she liked you from her body language if she's always looking at you and trying to touch you and blushing in front of you.. but like I said Facebook is not used to develop relationships you need to actually meet the person and see them everyday to develop a relationship and she if there is any chemistry there... you just can't tell from online. and Facebook is pretty dangerous when trying to get to know people you don't know... you just don't know what their intentions are and what they are trying to do.. be careful on Facebook and online chat rooms with people you don't know

    • No, I met this person two months ago, spent the whole day with her! shez actually my schoolmate's girlfriend! Now his ex! one of the reason for their breakup is me! she used to talk a lot with me! so he fought with her and ditched her! She has called me out twice but she herself cancelled it at the last minute! She has promised like she'll come out with me after her exams this month!

    • Even there were rumours at her college like I and her were committed! She took the same very lightly! Dint even bother about that! I mean her reactions were positive to me! Remember She said she was never in a relationship when she was in relationship with my schoolmate! She has told a lot about me to her friends even to those I don't know! I'm the only guy to talk with her after her break-up! I have a lot to say! I don't find space here! :(

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  • It sounds like she knows you are interested in her but she only likes you as a friend and she is trying to find a round about way to tell you. I think she is trying to push you towards other girls.


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  • You sound extremely clingy and completely inexperienced. She wants to get out and is genuinely trying to help you become better with girls because you have no game (no offense). I don't think she is interested at all, you're just very clingy.