I have no clue what to do with this guy?

I've been dating a guy on and off for about the last year. When we first met we hit it off right away and he pursued me. It was a first relationship for both of us (age 18) and at times it got a bit dramatic, but we really liked each other, and at one point he told me he loved me. I moved countries to go to college but we talked twice a day for hours, sent each other letters and packages, and called all the time.

At the very beginning of our friendship, we got into a fight and he said we weren't friends anymore, but we patched things up and continued. After that, he would try to make up after any fights and he would always insist that I was a friend if not more.

We've been physically apart for about 5 months and while it has been hard, things were going well. I knew he wasn't interested in other girls and he was doing nice things for me.

Out of the blue yesterday, during a good conversation, he completely flipped on me and said he doesn't consider me a friend, he's interested in other women (two of which he can't have), he doesn't care about me, and I'm not special to him...

I was so crushed. He has never indicated anything of the sort to me. He said all of those things but then still said he was considering buying me nice jewelry (something he had planned to do for my Christmas present this year).

Today we talked again, and while he said he still meant the things he said, he acted friendly and still said he plans to do the things we had agreed on (gifts, visits, etc...).

I have no idea what is going on. He has Aspergers and is bipolar. What should I do? I really, really care about him and want him in my life. He has done some mean things to me but he has done even more nice things, and I feel like we have grown up and learned together. I would love to be his girlfriend, but if I can't I do still very much want to be his friend.


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  • He is bipolar and aspergers. Him being bipolar can expain his behavior, He could be hurt that you are not with him and acted out. Did you tell him you would love to be his girlfriend, does he have any indication of how you feel about him? Give it time, because of his condition If I was you I would have a delayed reaction, being bipolar is very very confusing to the person that has it and the people that love them.


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