If I talk about how good I am with computers, or how good I am at video games?

Ladies I'm just curios if I'm out there dating again with my best friend helping me to get a girlfriend since I'm 23 and yes I know he already have a girlfriend and me and him are just hanging out if I get to know a girl or a woman/mainly a christian girl or a christian woman I say this because I don't date nonbeliever. But my question is this if I introduce myself to a girl or a woman will she get bored if I talk about these hobbies like one of them is computers and another one is video games if I talk about how good I'm with computers or how good I'm at video games and my love/my passions for computers and video games will she be bored with me? If I talk to her about it if I get to know a girl or a woman I like and a extra question is if I have any nerdy or geeky hobbies and/or passions if I talk about it with her will she get bored with me thanks I was asking this because I want to make good impressions and hopefully get a christian girlfriend /or at least a believer like I am and also I'm a little worry and I'm a little nervous if she founds out or can tell I'm super skinny thanks for your help.

And also will she be bored if I talk about computer stuff and/or video games stuff with her


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  • i would get bored. you need to talk about otehr things and have other interests

  • i think depending on the type of girl you are looking for she wouldn't mind that you enjoy playing video games. speaking as a christian girl. but girls don't want to come second to video games and other electronics so make sure she knows that.

    • OK thanks and you understand why I refuse to date a nonbeliever right?

    • yes I fully understand. and I won't date a non christian or catholic guy ether so I get it.

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