How do I get back into a relationship? So confused

I broke up with my serious boyfriend awhile ago (almost one yr) We were together for awhile. I'm completely over him and he's moved on with another gal.

Anyways I've dated around and now I'm talking to someone I am actually really interested in and see potential in. The problem is I've been single so long and I was in a relationship so long that I forgot what it's like to flirt/talk/date seriously.

Help me :( How do I get back into a relationship? I really like this guy, but feel like I am not doing the proper steps. He's also mentioned how "aloof" and cold I am, I can't help in, but my last relationship left me scared and numb.

How long do you talk to someone before they make them your gf? Is it normal that he only hits me up once a day or every other day? Is it normal that in one month we've only been on 3 dates? I don't know ugh so confused...sorry for the long rant/post.


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  • all that's normal cause one date can be worth millions and talking once or twice in awhile could be more than seeing each other everyday. I am in the same boat two jobs no free time she's in school and works but time has a way of working things out for the best.


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  • all those things you mentioned above are just norms...jut be yourself and open up. don't be afraid o take chances with this new guy or you might just miss on something really good

    • I do want to but I'm just afraid he might take advantage of me opening up to him. I also would like to text/call him, but I don't want to seem clingy or needy. I wasn't joking when I said I literally don't know what to do. I'm in my early-mid 20s and things are different from when I was 19 at dating my ex boyfriend up until now

    • wow well you can always goggle the things you are lacking and just read on it

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  • Lol! I need to know as well because I am new to the dating market after a year or so. I like to do as I please. If I'm thinking of him I like to call or text but there seems to be a new minimum and maximum time you can text or call in a day lol. I don't like games, I like to go with the flow so I

    Understand your confusion completely!