Talks to me in person but doesn't text?

okay so there is this guy I like I'm talking to him more and more every time I see him. We exchanged our numbers when we had a group project together. But I've texted him twice so far and he never responded either time. The first time is was to make plans to work on the project at my house, and the second time I texted him to let him know he forgot his book at my house. He never responded either time but when I talk to him in person I think he likes me and we laugh and have a lot of fun. What does this mean.

However he did text me once when he was coming over to tell me that he was going to be late. but does this mean anything? I don't know if he just doesn't text a lot or what's going on, any help will be appreciated :)


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  • haha. well... not all guys like to text.

    for me- my parents have it blocked ~grades mostly, although I have good grades now... hmm~ anyway, that may have happened to him as well, for the first few times. or perhaps its as simple as he doesn't have texting enabled on his phone. lol. why don't you ask him~!

    • idk if he dislikes texting, cause when he texted me saying he would be a little late I was like, that's okay, just get here when you can, and then he was like "alright sounds good" lol idk

    • xD. don't worry about it xD

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  • He probabl dislikes texting

    • i actually have the same sitch only with you think my guy dislikes emailing?

    • Well me personally I never check my email so I wouldn't be surprised

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  • Dont read into it too much girl:) he probably is an awgul txyer like half the male population!no offense boys:) its just they go with it whereas girls specifically plan all 130 characters out!