Is it a date and can I bring a friend?

I've liked one of my best guy friend for a while now and the other day he was saying how we don't get to see each other that often and that we should go to the movies together....and he'll even pay for my ticket, so that's a date right?

Would it be ok if I bring one of my best girl friend along with us?


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  • Heh! reading that you want to bring a friend along makes me nauseated. :)

    Why would you want to bring your best girl friend along? From my own experience, when I asked a girl out, and they either mentioned that they wanted to bring somebody else along, or they just brought the person along---well, I can't even express how that really pissed me off. If I wanted the girl to bring her friends along, I would have said, 'hey, let's all hang out together...' So if he was only asking you, and not mentioning to bring any of your other friends, I wouldn't bring your best girl friend along, and if you're planning to do so, ask him before you bring her; I'm betting money he won't be pleased with the idea...

    • Ouch...


      thx for being honest =]

      and yea, I thought he was pissed too when I asked him....

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