How do I get him to kiss me!

So I've had this guy that I have liked all school year and I really want to kiss him because we flirt a lot and it's been my silly wish. He lives on the same floor as me so we are constantly around other people. Does anyone have any creative ways for me to figure out if he would want to kiss me or for that matter, just kiss him! (I'm not positive that he likes me like that, he sometimes flirts but I don't know if he is being "just friendly")


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  • Don't listen to these other anwsers, here is a serious one

    Yes, guys are supposed to make the first moves. However, it is very hard to do so if the girl doesn't show that she wants him to.

    If you're ever watching a movie with him or sitting by him, look at him alot. When you make eye contact don't say much and make subtle glances at his lips. Be close to him so he feels like he can easily get closer to you.

    If he doesn't kiss you after that than he's probably nervous, or possibly uninterested, but that doesn't sound like the case.

    Its really hard for me to kiss a girl when she doesn't show that she wants it. The guy can't just come out of nowhere. You gotta show him you want it with simple sublte actions and he'll catch on TRUST me. And if not than kiss him ha ha I would love for a girl to do that. And why not? you only live once. what do you have to lose?

    • yeah, I mean I've been trying to think of ways to do it but it's honestly hard if you aren't positive he will kiss you back ;) thanks so much!

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  • im not so creative. Just say "hey, do I get a kiss?"


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  • You could spray perfume on your neck and ask him what he thinks of it, make sure your dressed really cute as well.