Texting. Did I come off clingy?

I met a girl last week at a party and we both were attracted to each other. I got her number and texted her two days later.

Ever since we've been texting everyday back and forth (I've called her too so don't worry). She'd go to bed saying stuff like "text me tomorrow" or "I'll text you tomorrow!" and stuff like that. Not once did I text her twice in a row, and every day it seemed to switch off who texted first.

However, yesterday I was texting her and the convo died and she stopped responding. Then today she texted me saying she couldn't go out with me tonight like we planned but that she wanted to some other time. So I said it was fine, not sure if she meant it or not. I tried to start a convo but she stopped responding again.

I'm probably over thinking it but I'm worried that I annoyed her by texting a lot, even though she was the one texting me or telling me to text her. I almost feel like it was some sort of test to see if I would or not...

Anyway, is it possibly that we texted so much that I bored her? usually our little conversations were pretty good though.

I want to call her again to set up another date but at the same time I want to see if she contacts me first about it, or just texts me to talk in general.

I really don't think she blew me off tonight because she seemed like she really wanted to go when I first asked, and today she said we should go out another time. But then again shortly after that she stopped responding, so I don't know.

Anyway, I typed this quickly so it may be hard to understand but can anyone figure out why she would be texting me so much and suddenly stop? I hate that...

Forgot to mention. We hooked up at this party and fell asleep together and got breakfast the next morning. Not sure if that changes anything..


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  • I'm not sure why she stopped texting, but you didn't do anything wrong. I would wait a few days and let everything mellow...then send her a text and try to set up a date. If she flakes again or doesn't respond, forget her and move on. If a girl likes you, she'll respond to you and want to go out. If she's flaky, then forget her.

    • Good call, I guess I can't expect her to drop everything to go on a date with me, especially with school the next morning. I'll call and see if she wants to go out over the weekend and if it happens again I'll forget her

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  • I think you should back off. How she phrased it seemed liked she was kinda done. I have sadly been in her shoes before except for it was because I thought the guy I was texting was getting creepy. If you have actually hung out with her in person before then I wouldn't think as much of it but if she isn't texting back or just ditched out at the last moment then that is probably her cue for you to stop contacting her so much. Don't text her back. If she really wants to hang with you then she will give in and text you herself. good luck <3

    • ok, makes sense. The thing I don't understand though is why was she the one texting me and asking me to text her? Not once have I texted her without her basically asking me to. So I feel like if I was texting to much it was only because she asked me too.. If she hadn't asked me to "text her tomorrow" so many times than there's no way we would be talking daily

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    • lol well we are weird about it. but usually we have a reason. It could possibly be not even having to do with you. such as, another guy she is interested in that she knew before you

    • or the fact that she's two years older than me and she suddenly realizing that she's not digging the age difference... haha. We'll see. thanks

  • WAITTTT A FEW DAYS lol I'm telling you. Let her contact you and if she doesn't in a few days (like 3 or 4) maybe send her a text saying 'Hey how you been?' or something like that.. if you continue texting now after she slowed down and cancelled she might get turned off by the clingyness, because you guys met not that long ago.. Like I said if she likes you she won't get over you in 3 or 4 days so just it be until then then send her a simple text.

    (Coming from a girl this has happened to me plenty of times. Meeting a guy us texting, flirting but his constant texting/calling everyday when we just met would turn me off and I would slow it down..)

    • haha OK I will. But once again she was the one who caused my everyday flirting! that's what I don't get about it. If she didn't ask me to text her all the time there's no way I would.

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