How should I react to this message?

I've been friends with these people for the last year and a half and going to their Church. Truth is I'm 25 and they're the only real friends I've ever had since elementary school. I started dating one of the girls from that social circle and she ended up cheating on me with my roommate and his cousin.

Her: Well I cheated and I said sorry. It's harsh to say but you have to forgive me as a Christian whether you want to or not. It happened weeks ago, put it in the past.

Me: I don't have to forgive you. You aren't sorry because you still are doing wrong and having casual sex with two men at once. That is not the behavior of someone claiming to follow your beliefs. Truthfully, I lied to you and the rest of these people too. It's something I regret now, especially after how things turned out.

Her: You're in no position to judge me as a recent convert! Frankly it's kind of pathetic you're a virgin at your age, it's not manly. I pray everyday and never miss church, you drink almost everyday. What do you mean you lied?

Me: I don't believe in God. Never have and still don't. I went to Church because I wanted to believe, even though I couldn't. It was a nice way to have fun with my friends and to find good opportunities to volunteer and speak with others.

Her: So all those times you were praying at Bible study you were faking it? Is that why you were always quiet when everyone else made requests?

Me: No, I was praying in case anyone was listening. I think it's arrogant to have long public prayers and make a list of demands from a supposedly all-powerful being when you're doing nothing to carry out his will here.

Her: So you go to church to try and get a girl to like you and to fit in. That's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. You really are completely hollow aren't you. What does it feel like to be dead? What will you tell them, another convenient lie? You're no better than me.

Me: I don't think I am... and I'm not dead. Do you still want to be friends?

Her: No. I won't be there Sunday. I don't want to see you. You make me sick. Don't ever text, call or come to our Bible study again.

Me: Affirmative


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What Girls Said 1

  • definitely held your ground..and that is very respectable. You will find someone who will truly love you enough to be only yours. She has some issues of her own that she needs to figure out. You ask how you should react to this message...don't react at all. She wants a reaction...don't give her what she wants. she isn't worth that as of right now. and you're right...she's not sorry because sorry means that you won't do it again. Stand your ground and even if you don't believe in God or a higher power...keep praying and ask that you be showed what is real. But with this girl..Don't get back with her...can't turn a hoe into a housewife...harsh but true..


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  • You held your own, but truthfully, I would have torn that bitch to shreds if she told me I had to forgive her. I would have broken her self esteem for years to come over a comment like that.

    Now the hard part- staying away from her and not answering her calls or texts. And I would stay away from that Bible study. You aren't being genuine to those people, and now to top it off, you would have to deal with that bitch being there. It just isn't worth it.