Best way to start a conversation with my crush?

We are in the same class together but she sits in the middle of the room and I sit by my self on right side. We some times see each other before our math class. And also I see her when she leaves her psych class, and I go in for my CJ class. What is the best time to do so and also not to look live a certified creeper. :) Its not like we haven't talked with each other, we did but it was more like hey what I missed on Mondays, that sort of thing. please help


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  • Well, they aren't assigned seats, are they? If not, you could just move over a few seats and slowly make your way over to her over time. She won't be likely to notice unless she's keeping tabs on you... which would be a good thing, right? Also, try to nod or say hi when entering and leaving class, or if you pass her on campus. Just let her know that you recognize her and know who you are. You should find something interesting about her, if she's reading a book you can ask her about it, or something you can compliment, like a crazy shirt design or a cool scarf or something that can be a conversation starter. That should get things going.


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  • What class is it ? pretend you don't understand what the teacher is saying & ask her for help. During the class, call her & mouth to her * I need a pen* if she doesn't understand ( she might not) she'll come up after class and say.. what were you saying during class.. she'll be very inquisitive to find out!


    • she sits on the other side of the room. and its college algebra

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