What is a normal amount of time to speak to your significant other daily?

I'm a full time college student, he works full time at his job. when he starts giving me one word replies at work, or when he tells me he goes drinking with his guys, I tell him to hmu later on. he always does. but is this normal, does anybody also give their boyfriend/girlfriend space when they feel they need it?


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  • Whatever works for you. I don't have any agreement with the guy I'm dating but we text each other pretty much everyday. We're both students and both working as well. He is going through something right now so I don't bother him when I suspect he'd rather be left alone. It's tough to know when to pull back and when to show him you're there for him, but usually your gut is right.

    • thanks, I know he's not cheating or anything, cos my gut always tells me when something's up. and this time for once, I feel confident. I guess I'm not used to having a relationship where I'm not talking to the person all day long, which is probably what made my ex's leave, they probably got tired of talking to me so much.

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    • Haha yeah. Of course he remembers you! That's actually very sweet that he texts you every morning. Stop over-thinking and over-analyzing! Just enjoyyyyy and relax.

    • lol :D you're absolutely right.. :)

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  • I don't talk to my fiance every day. But when we do talk it's like 30 minutes or so. We don't talk much.

  • Normal is whatever is normal for you.

    To reinforce that point, once a sexologist named Alfred Kinsey asked a set of people how much they had sex in a week. Regardless of the number the person provided, to them anyone who was higher was ill and anyone lower was a prude. The person who had sex 15 times a week believed it to be just as normal as the person who did so once a month.

    Normal is what's normal for you.


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