What's going on in his head? Is he wanting me to step up my game a little?

He came and got me from school to take me home (3 hrs away), cooked dinner for me the next night, met his mom, met his brother-in-law, met some of his friends. We just hung out and watched TV together. Didn't kiss or hold hands or anything (he knows I've never been in a serious relationship and that I'm a virgin) and now he's barely texting me when I'm back at school, I've done a lot of the initiating, and I feel like I could be annoying him. his family really seems to like me but I'm not sure if he has the patience for me to move slow considering I'm new to all of this. he really seems to like me, I'm just not sure why he talks to me less now...

i did tell him that when I come home for break in 2 weeks I'll cook him dinner and he seemed excited...


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  • Introducing you to the family and friends is a good sign that he isn't playing you. You have been acknowledged, so people will start wondering what is going on if another girl just suddenly appears. I suppose it isn't impossible (there is still sneaking around on campus), just very unlikely I guess.

    He seemed excited about the dinner, so that means he is probably still interested in you. As I tell other girls in all those "Why hasn't he called me/texted me/shown interest in me" threads, men do tend to turn on to relationships slower than girls. The flipside is they turn off to relationships slower as well, often not letting go or letting go easily.

    I don't think you need to step up your game. Definitely continue to show interest though and keep contact. Don't smother him with communication attempts either.

    Its no big deal being a virgin -- I hope you are not in a hurry to jump into bed with someone just for the sake of losing virginity itself (that would be really dumb reason). Just keep playing it slow and steady. Put time into it. Work at it. Let it blossom. Time will take its course and you should get results. Hopefully the results are good results :)


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